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Which properties we can handle during 2021 ??

We are interested to handle for promotion: residential Land/plots, within the Central Limassol areas, up or below the motorway, with a registered road only, as well as within the Shopping Center Zone areas of Limassol. 

Plots with title deeds within Central Limassol and West Limassol or plots within upto 1 km from the sea.

Commercial Plots for sale, residential buildings for sale. 

Land which is located parallel to the motorway from West Limassol Upto East Limassol.

Ground Floor renovated Houses within Central Limassol.  (upto E500,000)

Resale Houses with title deeds those which have passed the final survey or the properties of which the owners are in process to receive title deeds (only good constructions!!! ), Resale villas slightly used, mostly, upto E1,500,000.- within mostly the Shopping Center Zone or Within the areas Agios Athanasios/Panthea/Agya Phyla/Triherousa/Petrou and Pavlou/Paniotis/Germasogeia/Potamos Germasogeias/Moutayiaka/Linopetra/Agias Zonis/Katholiki.   

Seaside Apartments which have been renovated. (those which are part of good condition buildings).

Apartments which are part of buildings over 25 years old, we are not interested to handle, but we are 

interested to handle them in case the buildings have been renovated. 

Resales : 2 Bedroom Apartments of upto 20 years old within Central Limassol, which are upto E180,000

Resales: 1 Bedroom Apartments of upto 20 years old within Central Limassol, which are upto E120,000

Resales: 3 Bedroom Apartments of upto 20 years old within the Central Limassol zones, which are upto E230,000

Resales: Seaview Apartments for sale are welcome, as well as seaside apartments/houses/villas for sale. 

New quality properties for sale and for investment purposes, such us

new houses, new apartments, new buildings, new offices, new shops, new villas 

We are not interested to handle agriculture land for sale in case there is not a registered road, water supply, or electricity.

We are not interested to handle land which is not accessible by a registered road, or at lease by a registered passage.

We are not interested to handle residential land within mountains areas, unless they provide a registered road or a registered passage and in case only they are of a bargain price. 

Properties which are over valued, will not be handled by us.