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Are there transfer fees if I buy a property ?

Are you buying a property which has vat ? 

- In case your answer is 'Yes: no transfer fees are charged.

   However, in case that the Land Registry is not satisfied with the selling price given

   but believes that the valuation of the property is higher, then there will be transfer fees 

   on the difference.

Are you buying a resale property ? house / apartment?

- No vat is applicable and the transfer fees are half of the total amount that should be charged.

 Are you buying a resale property?

- There is a scale on which you have to calculate the transfer fees of yur property.

 Are you planning to transfer your property to your child?

- 0 (zero) transfer fees 

 Scale of transfer fees

E0 - E85,000 = 3% on the purchase amount

The next amount from E85,001 - E170,000 = 5% 

The next amount from E170,001 and up = 8%

You should add the totals and then divide into 50% (50 pct of the total sum)

 Are there transfer fees if I buy land / plot ?

- Yes there are.   Please have a look to the scale shown above.