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Which properties we can handle during 2020 ??

Residential Land/plots,  within the Central Limassol areas, up or below the motorway, with a registered road only, as well as within the Shopping Zone areas of Limassol. 

Plots with title deeds within Central Limassol and West Limassol or plots within upto 1 km from the sea.

Commercial Plots for sale, residential buildings for sale. 

Land which is located parallel to the motorway from West Limassol Upto East Limassol.

Ground Floor renovated Houses within Central Limassol.  (upto E400,000)

Resale Houses with title deeds those which have passed the final survey or the properties of which the owners are in process to receive title deeds (only good constructions!!! ), Resale villas slightly used, upto E1,500,000.-   

Seaside Apartments which have been renovated. (those which are part of good condition buildings).

Apartments which are part of buildings over 25 years old, we are not interested to handle, but we are 

interested to handle them in case the buildings have been renovated. 

2 Bedroom Apartments of upto 15 years old within Central Limassol, which are upto E160,000

1 Bedroom Apartments of upto 15 years old within Central Limassol, which are upto E110,000

3 Bedroom Apartments of upto 15 years old at the Central Limassol, which are upto E220,000

Seaview Apartments for sale are welcome, as well as seaside apartments/houses/villas for sale. 

New quality properties for sale and for investment purposes, such us

new houses, new apartments, new buildings, new offices, new shops, new villas 

We are not interested to handle agriculture land for sale.

We are not interested to handle land which is not accessible by a registered road, or at lease by a registered passage.

We are not interested to handle residential land within mountains areas, unless they provide a registered road or a registered passage. 

Properties which are over valued, will not be handled by us.    


Why Us

Welcome to Meshiti Real Estate Agency and to our website www.meshiti.com 

Our base is in Limassol, Cyprus.

The scope of establishing this website is to empower the buyers, the sellers and the property owners, with the information they need in order to decide

   - To buy

   - To sell

   - To let 

The visitors of this website will quickly find out that we focus only on quality property  listings, carefully selected only if 

- they have been well constructed

- they are worth the money

- they face no problems with receiving the title deeds 


Click to search a quality property in Lemesos, for

- houses, villas for sale

- houses, villas for rent  

- apartments for sale ,

- executive apartments for rent, 

 - commercial properties for sale

 - residential land, plots



 Contact Us

  - to view your quality property

  - to make the search for you

  - you can see what are the clients requests, you can match with your property 


This website lists a large range of properties of the local markert (Lemesos, Cyprus)

Focused on the Lemesos market, we are able to handle the right property for the right price and we always keep an eye on how the market is moving.  

We have not listed all the properties we handle.

There might be recent listings which have not yet  been entered into the system. 

Contact us to find more for you.   

For more investment packages you can visit our website www.limassolpropertysales.com 

Enjoy the tour of your property finder www.meshiti.com and www.limassolpropertysales.com 

Feel free to consult us!!

Why to invest in Cyprus?

Thousands of people over the last 20 years have invested in Cyprus, as considered to be a popular destination for property purchase.

The excellent climate with nearly 9 months of sunshine, the stunning blue flag beaches, but ofcourse the Cyprus hospitality have been the most attractive reasons so far.

Moreover, the deduction of property prices during the last 2 years, have encouraged more and more investors to buy a property here and especially in Limassol (Lemesos).

Buy a property in Limassol and rent it out very quickly. 

Buy a property close to the sea and rent it to the tourists, or keep it for your holidays.

Buy a property within the Central Limassol and rent it quickly, either to the local market, to students, to Companies for their employees.

Limassol is reachable within about 20 minutes max, from the Eastern to the Western, therefore no matter the location of the property is, to rent it out, it is just a matter of time.    The demand of rentals is huge.

In addition, due to the short distances between the cities, living in Limassol gives you easy access to all the cities of Cyprus.  For that reason the demand of Limassol properties will always be high. 

Buy land and sell it after few years and get your profit.


First step for you is to give us a clear idea of your inquiry and your budget.

We shall give you a picture of the prices according to the area and the type of property.

We shall  prepare a two-three-day tour for you to show you the right property according to the requirements.

We shall propose an independent lawyer to consult you as regard to the documents, your permit to buy, the contract of purchase and the percentage of deposit  which is required according to the property you have chosen.

We shall be with you during all the process, until you will finally get your keys of your property and you will be happy for that !!

Invest in Limassol, Cyprus, invest with us for quality properties. 


looking for Investment packages ?

 In case you are looking for investment packages

you can visit our website www.limassolpropertysales.com  (section investments)

we offer various options for a quality property, either it is for residential purposes or for investment. 

various residential cases, you will also find listed at www.meshiti.com, cheap houses or deluxe villas. 

however, there might be new availabilities which have not been listed yet.

You can contact us otherwise.

we shall be glad to serve you. 




Property for Sale in Limassol

Property for sale in Limassol continues on an upward trend

Market conditions in Cyprus for home buyers and investors seeking a property for sale in Limassol continue on an upward trend.

Across the island, the number of registered contracts of sale increased by around 9.4 per cent, 2014 – 2015. The majority of sales occurred in Limassol (31.6 per cent) followed by Paphos (25.1 per cent) and Larnaca (21.6 per cent), according to the Department of Lands and Surveys. The proportion increased again in Limassol to 33.23 per cent in the first two quarters of 2016. 

The upward trend of the property market, continues.

The  figures are encouraging. Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus after the capital, Nicosia, and while nearly three quarters of the total property sales in recent years were made by Cypriot buyers, the percentage of sales to overseas markets continues to make progress. Most data - according to the RICS Index - tends to refer to apartment prices and rents based on 85 m2, two-bedroom apartments of medium quality, and house prices relating to semi-detached, three-bedroom houses (250m2) of medium quality with garden.

Livening of overseas interest in acquiring real estate

The improvement in both local and international economic conditions since the financial crisis of 2008 has definitely seen a livening of overseas interest in acquiring real estate in Cyprus. As a result, sales involving the exchange of Title Deeds increased  by 41 per cent and contracts of sale deposited at Land Registry offices rose by 43 per cent (Cyprus Real Estate Market Outlook -  Real Estate Advisory Services, Deloitte,  June 2016).


Undoubted attractions offered to investors in the property market, which have stimulated the market were the incentives, such as the 50 per cent  reduction in transfer fees for all sales and the 100 per cent exemption from future capital gains tax for profits on properties. In addition, the long-standing issue surrounding the inability to issue title deeds in the name of purchasers who have paid the amount due in full to the land developer was resolved following the regulatory reforms of the ‘Trapped Buyers Law 2015”, which provides greater transparency.

Interest mostly focused on prime locations close to the beach

Cyprus has always enjoyed a reputation with property buyers from abroad for the near all-year around sunshine and stunning beaches, and it’s not surprising to find that foreign interest is mostly focused on the residential sector in prime locations close to the beach.


Another contributory factor has to be the 17 million euro regeneration of the Old Port of Limassol into the 650-berth Limassol Marina, which opened in 2014, accompanied by a modern leisure and business development of the area. Of the 3.18 million people who now visit Cyprus every year, an average of 13 per cent are to be found in Limassol.

Buying Property in Limassol

Buying property in Limassol

Meshiti Real Estate Agency, handling the property portals: limassolpropertysales.com and meshiti.com and limassolrents.com, represent an experienced and established real estate agency which handles a high-end portfolio of affordable, quality built properties, comprising:

 as well as Investment Packages for  Limassol / Lemesos, Cyprus which is the cityy with the highest demand for investment purposes. 

Why you should choose us?

We are in constant touch with the local market conditions… providing home buyers, sellers and owners with upto-the minute information needed to make that crucial decision over when to buy, sell or let their property.

The Cyprus real estate market tends to be traditionally divided between the major urban areas of Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia.

We know who our customers are and their different needs… whether you are a first-time buyer looking for an affordable property to raise your family or an overseas buyer looking for a retirement home in the sun.

We prepare a two-three-day viewing tour to show you the right property… our experienced and knowledgeable team specializes in providing clear advice and guidance to those looking to purchase a property as a long term safe investment, often but not exclusively, for family members.

We will propose an independent lawyer to consult with you over all the required documents… including your permit to buy, the contract of purchase and the deposit amount required.

We are with you every step of the way… from the first inquiry to handing over the keys.


Access to Title Deeds

The long term benefits of investing in property in and around Limassol are today very favorable and transactions are on the rise. Previous issues that could have prevented gaining access to title deeds have been resolved following the regulatory reforms of the ‘Trapped Buyers Law 2015”, which provides greater transparency.

Consequently, the Cyprus’ housing market is currently enjoying a significant boom period, which is expected to continue.


Property Sales in Limassol, going forward

Cyprus has a long history as a popular destination for property purchase, offering buyers near all-year around sunshine and stunning beaches, certificated to Blue flag standards of water quality, facilities and environment.

With its airport providing direct, year-round flights to the UK, the most popular area for British buyers has traditionally been Paphos in the south-west, and the surrounding villages.

However, Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, after the capital, Nicosia, and easily reached within 20 minutes from any point across the island.

Since the opening of the 650-berth Limassol Marina in 2014, adjacent to the old port, the entire region has enjoyed the benefit of renewed interest from international property buyers. Recent favorable property prices have also attracted investment and an uptick in transactions from buyers who recognize the future is increasingly focused in Limassol, going forward.

Should I pay VAT if I buy land ?

As regard to the New Legislation for VAT charge on land / plots, (all type of land, apart of agriculture land)

we insist that the owners should get in contact with the VAT Offices, so that to check if the property they plan to sell, is vat chargeable. 

For the owners who own land/plot 'as a share' , thus part of the land belongs to another owner, we insist that all the owners will get in contact with the VAT offices. 

Such charge should be notified to the prospective buyer by our agency, before the process of purchase.   

The vat charge is 19 pct. 

In case your property is handled by our agency, please notify us the soonest, in case there is a vat charge. 

There might be cases with lands / plots for sale advertised in our website for which we have not yet been notified whether there will be a vat charge by the owners, or not.  Therefore, please ask us, in case it is not mentioned a vat charge.